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chronicles of a serial dater

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I'm not sure if this counts. [Dec. 3rd, 2003|12:39 am]
chronicles of a serial dater
So these are supposed to be dating chronicles. And I'm not really sure if this fits in here, but I'll stick it in anyway because its funny.
About six months ago there was a Person M. Person M is a woman. She had a big crush on me. And she was really awkwardly aggressive about it. But evidently, I made her nervous, because she'd get shy and stammer and look away. Yet despite her insecurities and fears, she maintained a steady campaign of pursuit. She followed and encouraged group drinking. It was all pretty creepy. I'd say on a uni-gender scale she was up there with the club fellas. Really forward and persistent.
I haven't seen much of her since last spring, and thats absolutely fine with me. Except that last Thursday I was flying home for thanksgiving, and who should be sitting two rows ahead of me? Person M.
I ducked and made myself a little note:
" Leaving behind drab weather, almost inhuman inconveniences- homeward bound. Oh the horror, the unbridled horror. Its the lesbian, the knee rubbing, stalking, staring in my mouth, expectant lesbian. Only to remain unnoticed until within the safety of mother's clutches. Lesbians cant get you from mother. "
Then my plane landed. And I went home. Unnoticed.

From: grimwall
2003-12-03 03:27 am (UTC)
yeah that's pretty fucking funny.. tho i would love to hear your rants about your lezbionic tales. ok men are pigs - date women.

ehh and even though i feel like i've been wrong about everything since i was 8 years old.. i still appreciate the talk, coffee and cheese soup.
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[User Picture]From: mamygirl
2007-06-12 03:41 am (UTC)

My name is Amy, and I'm a friend of Hilary's (androsyn's). I'm commenting to all of the people on her friend's list with this same comment. I don't know how close she is to everyone on her list, so if you don't really know her and don't want to participate, please don't feel obligated!

As you know, McBaby Milo will be here in about five weeks. We're getting ready to have a blessingway for her. I wish that it were possible to invite everyone on her list and expect them to be able to be there (of course, if you were to be in town you're welcome to come!).

Instead, I'm giving everyone my email address and asking that you find time to send me a little blurb that I can put into a small book I'm making of positive thoughts/feelings/affirmations.. etc. You can tell her how much you love her, what you admire in her, how she inspires you, how strong you know she is, what your wishes are for her birth. You can send an inside joke that only she will understand. You can share an inspirational quote, taken from someone else or created by you. Anything at all you feel inclined to put in there, feel free.

The blessingway will be held in the next month, so the sooner you can do this the better. I will print them all off and put them in the book and present it to her at her blessingway.

Additionally, I'd like to add, that if you prefer me to NOT read what you'll be telling her, I'll give my word to print it and put it in the journal without reading through it. Just let me know in the subject of your email and I'll respect the privacy of your thought.

If you'd prefer to actually write it out and mail it to me, email me and I'll send you my Physical Address. You can also send:

A bead that we'll use to make a nursing necklace with
A candle that she can light while laboring at home
Special music that you think she'll love for laboring
Anything else you would like presented to her, from you, during the blessingway. We're doing a nurturing basket, people are bringing things to help her feel... nurtured.

Again, I wish you could all be there with us, but I'm hoping this gesture will bring her a little piece of you. My hope is to instill in her our faith in her strength as she overcomes any lingering fears before the impending birth.

Thank you!

heartdancer AT gmail.com
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